Parduba Information

The Parduba Double-Cup Mouthpiece

Gives you two mouthpieces in one. The scientific reaming of the top cup furnishes the shallow cup which is necessary to secure the extreme high tones and they come with the greatest of ease, G a bad tone for many performers, comes true. High Bb comes as effortless and with as great volume as G is ordinarily produced. The extreme high tones, which occur occasionally in ordinary music and frequently in solo playing or in difficult passages, are produced more easily and with full volume because the shallow upper cup puts them within reach by increasing the performers range.

This is accomplished with the Parduba Double-Cup Mouthpiece without sacrificing tone quality or volume in the middle and lower registers because the lower part of the cup is of the regular conventional bore.

Your Mouthpiece is Half Your Instrument

Many a good instrument has been condemned and often discarded because the performer did not realize that the mouthpiece was not suitable. The Parduba Double-Cup Mouthpiece give every instrument a fair test because it makes it possible to bring out all that is in the instrument.